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​Geotagging: Home Security Foe

“Leaving for vacation. Can’t wait!” “Going out to dinner with the hubby.” These posts on Facebook or Twitter might seem fairly innocuous but they could be compromising your home’s security. Home Security Monitoring Versus Alarm Monitoring Home security monitoring and alarm monitoring go hand in hand. Without both, the safety of your home can be…

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Practical Home Security for Vacationing Homeowners

It is tough for homeowners to relax in a vacation paradise if they are worried about what is happening back home. Not only is there burglary and vandalism to worry about, but there is also everything from leaky pipes to weather damage that adds to the plaguing thoughts. However, there are proven home security measures…

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Fire Alarm Service and Candle Safety Go Hand in Hand

According to the National Candle Association, 7 out of 10 homes in the United States use candles and reported sales of candles are estimated at two billion dollars each year. Candles are burned for a variety of reasons from relaxation to lighting a dark room during a power outage. They add romance and ambiance to…

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Top Reasons Your Business Needs An Alarm System

If you find yourself in need of an alarm system in Hawaii, then you need look no further than the Lifeline alert system. Of all the commercial burglar alarms available that cater specifically to Hawaii residents, this one has the best record of safety and security Hawaii has to offer. All potential customers have to…

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Does My Home Need A Security System?

It is a well known fact that homes without security alarms are more likely to be burglarized. In order to protect their family and your belongings, Hawaiian residents should install the best alarm systems Hawaii residents can find. Not only will they be able to protect their belongings and family, residents of Hawaii will also…

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