What makes a Lifeline Fire & Security system “smart”? Like most appliances, the system has its own app. So what is all the fuss about smarter home security? Why should you consider adding it to your home?

It is Built Better

A Lifeline security system keeps you safe by alerting the authorities of an emergency. Unlike traditional systems that use a phone line connection, Lifeline Fire & Security offers wireless cellular communication which means that your system cannot be disconnected with wire cutters.

Smart and Simple Controls

Traditional security systems are controlled from a central location inside the home. You can control your Lifeline Fire & Security system from your phone, tablet or even smartwatch. You can easily and conveniently interact with it from any location – on or off island. You have the ability to check in via video, or you can answer your front door while you are still at work.

Smarter in Emergency Situations

The Lifeline Fire & Security System can detect smoke. If there is a fire, the system will not only sound the alarm but also notify the monitoring station who will dispatch HFD. Your Lifeline security system has the capability to shut off the water if there is a water leak. If there is a home invasion, Lifeline Fire & Security’s monitoring station will be alerted who will dispatch HDP.

The System Can Make Your Whole House Smart

Lifeline Fire & Security’s System can give you everything you want to have in a smart home. We can add Skybell, a smart HD video doorbell, video surveillance cameras, smart garage doors, z-wave electronic keyless door locks, automated lighting and so much more. AND a trained local Lifeline technician will install and set it all up for you. No mess, no fuss.

Let Lifeline help you with your home security & automation installation today. Call us at (808) 548-5433.

Mariette Lowe
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