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Business Security

Eh Brah, don’t even think about it!

  Risk Management for Hawaii Auto Dealers Auto dealerships face some unique security challenges. Their stock is highly desirable and their inventory can’t be easily locked-up and stored away from criminals. Every night, employees go home but valuable inventory is left in the open and exposed to the potential for theft. According to recent FBI…

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Protecting Warehouse Inventory from Theft: Domino’s

Video surveillance and Monitoring solutions in Hawaii. Lifeline Hawaii Proactive Video Monitoring protecting Dominoes warehouse from thieves.   With large volumes of product in one location, warehouses in Hawaii are huge targets for theft and other crimes, making warehouse security a major concern. In mere minutes, thieves can steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in…

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What is Proactive Video Monitoring?

There are many choices in commercial video surveillance solutions, but only one video surveillance monitoring solution that uses proprietary technology leveraging customized protocols to detect crime and provide live response intervention before the crime even happens. That’s Proactive Video Monitoring. Lifeline Fire and Security, HI is proudly the only company serving the islands with this…

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How Does IP Video Surveillance Work?

video CCTV oahu

Larger enterprises are taking this one step further by upgrading to high performance wireless networks so they can provide IP video surveillance to their expansive campuses, linking the dozens or even hundreds of cameras via a single network. But these are just a couple of ways IP video surveillance can work at your enterprise; depending on the specificities of your application, there are other potential benefits to consider.

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Improving Environmental Awareness with Access Control

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Now that key less entry is in the security mainstream, it should be an easy decision to trade the concern of lost keys – and, the cost of re-keying locks every time an employee is terminated – for the convenience and cost-effectiveness of electronic access control systems. But for those who still need convincing, here are some other business security benefits of making the move to access control.

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3 Ways CCTV Could Help Your Business

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As a business owner, you review profit and loss statements continuously to monitor the bottom line. Ensuring your business is financially viable is a top priority, which is why loss prevention has been a major aspect of business since business began. security CCTV systems One of the biggest ways a business can lose money is…

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Security Threats for Businesses

Companies have enough to deal with these days with a volatile economy and a competitive marketplace without having to worry about security. Ensuring total safety of employees and company property requires a focus on several different elements of business security. Hackers, employees, and thieves are each a potential threat to the average company today. A…

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