hawaii home automation

Home automation is the new kid on the block. It’s the way forward. It’s giving your home a voice and making your home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to be. In short, it’s technology to simplify your life and put you in control – no matter where you are AND most importantly without breaking the bank!

Home Automation, scene one:

You arrive home after a long day at work, the trade winds are gone so the air is thick and hot. You have a car full of groceries and over-tired keiki. It’s already dark, so you have that uneasy feeling in your stomach because you know you have to walk into a dark house – with your hands full, pearls of perspiration on your forehead from the heavy humidity that instantly hit you as you stepped out of your car.

Your keiki just tripped over somebody’s slippers that were left on the pathway because nobody can see where they are walking AND now you cannot find your front door key in that bottomless pit of a handbag of yours! Aaarrgghh… really?! Keiki are crying, perspiration is dripping, and tensions are rising…. Frustrating situation, isn’t it?!

Now, picture scene two:

You’re about to leave the grocery store to drive home after a long day at work. The trade winds are gone so the air is thick and hot. You quickly open your mobile app on your smartphone and with a tap of a button, you turn on your AC at home to cool the house down to just the right temperature you like it to be. You also turn on the front lanai and inside living room lights because it is dark already and you hate arriving home to a dark house – who doesn’t right?!

Now you drive home and when you are a block away, you decide to disarm your home security system using your smartphone with simply another tap of a button. This simultaneously unlocks your front door as well as open your garage door. You arrive home and drive straight into your garage and close the door behind you. You feel safe and secure. You get out of your car carrying your groceries, keiki following but you don’t have to scramble for house keys, because your front door is already unlocked remember and your entrance is beautifully lit so no need for any unnecessary drama.

You walk into your cooled down house and RELAX. Aaaahh, home at last.

Scene one was my life prior to home automation and scene two is my life now. I love it and have never looked back! These are just some of the ways you can make your home a SMART HOME. So if you are stuck in scene one and want to come join me in scene two, call Lifeline Fire & Security today to find out more about these and many more home automation features that can enhance your home and simplify your life.


Mariette Lowe
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