Enhance your Home Security with Professionally Installed Security Cameras

For some of us, it is hard to believe how wireless our society has become. Knowing that a huge segment of today’s society has never used or seen a rotary phone, and some have never had anything but a cell phone. It seems like everything has gone wireless, including home security systems.

There are a lot of DIY options out there today, but having Lifeline Fire & Security install your security cameras means that an expert will work with you to eliminate any blind spots and most importantly set up your cameras to integrate with, let’s say, your Skybell HD video doorbell, your alarm system and/or other accessories to complete your home security system and give you the capability to manage and control all of the above from your Total Connect app on your smartphone.   

The biggest advantage of wireless security camera systems is, of course, that they are wireless. So, that may be obvious, but what does it mean in the practical sense?

More Installation Options

Wired systems depend on being physically connected. This means that they can encounter physical barriers that make it difficult or impossible to install in certain areas. Wireless wifi camera systems do not have this problem and can be placed anywhere within the system area.

Faster Installation

Wireless wifi camera installation is much simpler than hard-wired cameras, which can require making holes in the wall and managing all of the wires. Easier and faster installation means very little mess and disruption to your day.

Get Instant Alerts With Mobile Apps

With wireless security cameras, such as our Honeywell Total Connect Cameras, you can get a text/e-mail alert the moment motion triggers them. This way you can instantly evaluate the situation and decide if it needs your attention or that of law enforcement. Instant alerts, for example, let you see a video of kids arriving safely home from school, keep an eye on an elderly parent or watch over your furry babies playing in your backyard. Our Total Connect Cameras even come with two-way voice so you can talk to the person on the other end.

Wireless Cameras Are Cost Effective

Let’s face it, in today’s day and age we all like to save a buck where we can and Lifeline’s Honeywell Total Connect wifi Cameras let you do just that. Pricing of cameras for current customers start as low as $99!

Introducing The Honeywell Total Connect Next Generation Cameras

The Honeywell Total Connect Outdoor Video Camera offers a 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, wide-angle view and up to four motion detection areas.  The picture quality is superb, so you know you’ve not only captured the security incident but more importantly, you can see it clearly on playback. The camera’s night vision is also extremely sharp, ensuring night time incidents are visible in detail as well.

The camera also comes with a choice of either 7 or 30-day extended cloud video storage, so even if you can’t view the video right away, for example, if an incident occurs while you’re on vacation, you can still look back on those events later.

Even better… the outdoor camera integrates with other professionally installed Honeywell home security products, including indoor cameras, as well as alarm systems panels, home automation accessories and the Honeywell Total Connect app.

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