hawaii cctv As a business owner, you review profit and loss statements continuously to monitor the bottom line. Ensuring your business is financially viable is a top priority, which is why loss prevention has been a major aspect of business since business began.
security CCTV systems
One of the biggest ways a business can lose money is through theft. Though every company has its own approach to loss prevention, many use a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to help reduce losses due to theft.

With security CCTV systems, one or more cameras projects a feed to a monitor or series of monitors that are located nearby. The cameras can provide a live feed of video showing what happens in a place of business or they can be set to record, so you can review footage at a later date. Most CCTV systems do both.

1) CCTV monitoring reduces loss through theft

When you have cameras monitoring your store, you can easily watch your customers. Since you would not be able to keep an eye on every corner in the store at once, CCTV allows you to do so effectively. In addition, you can keep your cameras on at night in case someone tries to burglarize your business. The cameras will help you identify the culprit, so the police can easily track him or her down. In addition, CCTV cameras keep an eye on your employees to ensure that they aren’t slipping change from the register, spending their time on the phone or giving away free merchandise to their friends.

2) CCTV cameras provide evidence

In addition to loss prevention, CCTV cameras provide documented proof of any situation that takes place on the premises. If a customer falls in the store, your attorney will want to see the video as evidence. The footage could save you from a big lawsuit, so it’s important to always have those cameras rolling. In any case, all parties will know exactly what happened if there is visual verification.

3) CCTV cameras can deter criminals

When would be thieves or vandals see that you have security CCTV systems installed, they will think twice before carrying out criminal acts. Though there are exceptions, criminals generally do not want to get caught.

Additional Security Systems

In addition to cameras, other aspects of a security system could help protect your business in the most effective way possible. One of the most popular is an alarm system that detects break-ins, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Alarm systems in Hawaii are monitored 24 hours a day by professionals who could notify the police immediately if something out of the ordinary happens at your place of business. Though creating an effective loss prevention plan takes time and effort, it can help ensure your business is profitable for years to come.

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