money  Ready. Set. Steal.

Though burglary is no child’s game, thieves are racing against the clock when they enter your home. Even with the best house security systems, burglars know the security guard or police must arrive on the premises to stop them. Because the clock is ticking, thieves have two goals in mind: easy theft and quick escape.Hawaii security

Concealing cash and other valuables is harder than you think. Career thieves already know the obvious tactics, so inside drawers, under the mattress and behind sofa cushions are the first places they will search.

Hawaii security providers would probably advise placing family heirlooms in safe deposit boxes, but some people trust banks less than they trust thieves. If you’re one of those homeowners who likes to keep their valuables nearby, consider these less obvious hiding spots in the home.

1) Your Freezer

If you are like most people, your freezer is full of mysterious little packages of random leftovers wrapped in foil. To conceal your valuables, wrap them in wrinkled foil and bury them deep under the other stuff. The thief may even know about this trick, but it will probably work because he doesn’t have time to search your whole freezer.

2) A Child’s Toy

Burglars rarely bother with kids’ rooms, because they are cluttered with toys and generally contain no cash or other valuables. Even if the toys are expensive, he can’t grab them and make a quick escape.

3) A Crowded Pantry

The average kitchen is crammed with supplies and equipment, far too much for a thief to search. Put your jewelry in a plastic bag and bury it at the bottom of a canister of flour or sugar, then put that behind a bunch of other supplies. Some manufacturers build false containers into common pantry items like cereal boxes and food cans. These can be pretty handy, but be aware that some of them look terribly fake and might not fool anyone.

4) A Hollow Book

Yes, this one sounds like a scene from a B movie, but it often works. If you have shelves full of books, the thief may pull them out on the floor, but he won’t have time to flip through all of them. Pick a really boring book to sacrifice and cut the printed parts out of the pages. You can even rig a rubber band to hold the cover shut so it won’t flap open if the thief pulls it off the shelf.

5) House Plants

House plants are unlikely to draw attention from burglars, which makes them excellent hiding places. Items can be wrapped in protective waterproof plastic, placed at the bottom of a potted plant and then buried under potting soil and the plant itself. Fake plants can also be used, but a real, growing plant produces an even more convincing appearance.

6) Picture Frames

Every picture frame contains a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from buckling. Cash can easily be slipped between the cardboard and the picture.

Some Hawaii security professionals recommend placing a small amount of cash in an obvious spot as a decoy. When the thief finds it, he probably will be satisfied and make a quick escape.

Though there are no full-proof places to hide valuables in the home, choosing the less obvious spots will help ensure burglarizing your home isn’t child’s play.

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