intrusionCompanies have enough to deal with these days with a volatile economy and a competitive marketplace without having to worry about security. Ensuring total safety of employees and company property requires a focus on several different elements of business security. Hackers, employees, and thieves are each a potential threat to the average company today. A security plan that addresses each of these vulnerabilities is essential for all industries.

Tips for Retail Security

Some of the first items that business owners will install in a retail space are surveillance cameras. The security of CCTV systems has remained important over the course of several decades. New cameras are incredibly small, affordable, and provide terrifically clear images. Old cameras may offer washed-out images where it’s difficult to see what’s happening, and a crime might go unpunished because a recording doesn’t offer suitable clarity.

Other ways companies that own retail outlets can reduce the possibility of crime is through smart choices with the cash registers. Alarms can be programmed to notify a security team if a cash register is moved. Securing cash registers to the counters is also a good idea to make it harder for a “smash and grab” style burglary to get away with valuable equipment and company earnings.

Corporate Security Options

Companies of all types are vulnerable to theft, crime and vandalism, and traditional security is essential even if a company is small and unknown. All companies should be protected by alarm systems in Hawaii as well as have items like security cameras and controlled access points for areas of the company that might be off-limits to the public.

In most offices, a company will benefit from requiring its employees to carry identification badges that may also act as key cards for entry into the building. Even if a company employs friendly employees and promotes a cheerful atmosphere, security remains vital for keeping employees safe. In addition, key cards and surveillance cameras may also make it more difficult for employees to engage in theft from the company.

Tips for Digital Security

Cyber crime has emerged as one of the most deadly problems that modern businesses must face and staying ahead of hackers, malicious thieves and even a company’s own employees requires regular attention to digital security. The Internet Crime Complaint Center logs hundreds of thousands of complaints every year regarding online fraud, and companies may be vulnerable to corporate or business crime if measures aren’t taken to monitor employee activities.

In addition, business owners may benefit from keeping track of publications and notices from the U. S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). This department publishes notices about security threats and other topics that may help a company keep its digital holdings in good shape and out of the hands of malicious hackers. All computers used by employees should also be kept updated regarding virus protection software and digital firewall technology.

The easiest way to reduce the likelihood that a company might be impacted by crime is to plan ahead and create actionable items for each security issue. However, each plan needs to be part of a larger, overall focus on security. For example, digital security options may often make it easier to ensure physical security because of the networking involved with the company’s internet and the surveillance camera systems.

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