Auto dealerships always have a mix of staff and buyers on the lot which means those who have made entry to commit crimes such as loitering, vandalism, and theft can easily fly under the radar. Unless, of course, your lot is protected by Lifeline PVM. This money-saving and highly effective solution uses advanced analytic software and live audio intervention to protect your dealership 24/7/365.




See PVM in action at an Auto Dealership!


What are the advantages of Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring? 

  • Helps maintain business continuity
  • Lowers liability when compared to other monitoring solutions
  • Enhanced user experience
  • 80% savings over security guard expenditure
  • Real-time audio response for proactive rather than reactive security
  • Full perimeter patrol at all times
  • Eliminates delays in detection and intervention
  • Zoned security
  • And more

If you have a large or difficult to protect property, give us a call to learn more about Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring. With this service, you can cover more area more effectively and save over the cost of guards. (808) 548-5433

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