Every homeowner today is looking for a way to not only protect their home, but make it more efficient. From energy-efficient appliances to smart technology that can sense its surroundings and automatically adjust, there are plenty of technological advances to make every home a smart home.

Many homeowners, however, do not know yet that there are also smartphone and tablet apps that work with their home’s security system; offering maximum efficiency and security.

Why Use Mobile Apps with your Home Security System?

Apps are not only the way of the future – they are the here and now. They help you control your bank account, pay your bills, and even control your television at home. Your modern security system from Lifeline Fire & Security can also work with a smartphone or tablet app, allowing you to control your home’s security system as well as its efficiency.

Imagine a situation where you have left your home for the day and are already at your office/the grocery store/beach. You suddenly realize you left the lights on or perhaps you forgot to lock the front door or arm your alarm system. With your smartphone app you can connect to your home’s security and arm your alarm system. With the push of a button you can lock your doors remotely, turn lights on or off, close your garage doors, adjust your thermostat etc.

Benefits of Smartphone Apps and Home Security

  • Convenience – You do not have to be standing in front of your system’s keypad to control your home. You can do it all remotely from anywhere.
  • Real Time Data – Find out when doors were unlocked, when they were locked, etc. so you can see when the kids get home or even detect suspicious activity and catch a burglar in the act.
  • Home Management – Save money on your utility bills by managing when lights turn on and off, when the air conditioner kicks in, when the blinds are drawn to keep the heat out…all from your smartphone.

About Lifeline Fire & Security

Lifeline offers the latest in security and home automation technology – all of which can work with your smartphone and/or tablet. So, go ahead and join the Smart Home Technology and control your home’s temperature, lights, garage doors or arm and disarm your Lifeline alarm system regardless of where you are. To learn more about Lifeline’s home automation services on Oahu give us a call today.

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