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Buying A Security System? Read This First

Having a high-quality security system is extremely important but so is choosing a company that is competent and offers exactly what you need. When it comes to looking into home security it is very important to consider the following factors.

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Why Upgrading Your Home Security System Is A Good Idea

Upgrading your home security system should happen several times over the life of the system, especially when new technology emerges and is adopted by the majority of users. Here are a few ways that Lifeline can help you incorporate home automation into your security system and make your home a smart home.  

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Home Security + Mobile Apps: Better Together!

Every homeowner today is looking for a way to not only protect their home, but make it more efficient. From energy-efficient appliances to smart technology that can sense its surroundings and automatically adjust, there are plenty of technological advances to make every home a smart home.

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Home Security Tips: Top Advantages of Using a Video Doorbell

There are times when something small packs a powerful punch—like the Dragon’s Breath Chili with a Scoville Scale rating of 2.4 million (so hot they say, that it may kill you). Even better, though, is the Skybell Video Doorbell. It’s small, but in the world of home security, it adds a wealth of protection and…

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Smart People Have Smart Homes

Summer months see a 10% increase in crime, so whether you are going away on vacation or staying home for a “staycation”, please be SMART and secure your home with SMART technology today.

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