Researchers from Temple University estimate that between 94% to 99% of all alarms triggered by home security systems are false alarms. Not only do false alarms cost Hawaii municipalities thousands each year, but you could face hefty fines for each false alarm triggered by a home security system.

Here are some practical ways that you can reduce false alarms in your home:


  • Remodeling – Before you begin any remodeling, always notify your alarm company.
  • New Furniture – If you have purchased new furniture or have rearranged your existing furniture, be mindful of interior sensors that may be affected, especially if you have indoor pets moving around freely.
  • Pets: Make sure that new furry family members will not activate motion sensors. Don’t be fooled, just because they don’t move around much when you are home, does not mean they do not when you are away!
  • Decorations: Seasonal decorations (helium balloons, holiday lights, plants etc.) may activate motion sensors!
  • Geckos: Here in Hawaii our homes often have small visitors. Place a moth ball on top of your motion sensor and secure it with two-way type, this will avoid these 4 legged house guests to stay clear of these devices.   


  • Always make sure that every person that have access to your property know how to use your security system and have a code to turn the security system on and off, as well as a password to give the monitoring station should the alarm be triggered. Should you need to give someone temporary access and a security system code, you can call Lifeline Fire & Security and we can issue them with a temporary code as needed.


  • Secure open windows and doors before arming your system.
  • For any contact or interior sensor that is not working properly, please contact Lifeline Fire & Security right away.


  • Should your panel indicate that you have a low battery in any of your devices, please replace batteries immediately as this can cause false alarms. Should you need instructions or assistance on changing device batteries, please contact our office.
  • In the event of a known false alarm contact Lifeline Fire & Security IMMEDIATELY in order to cancel dispatch.

Following these simple and practical tips will help to reduce false alarms and save you money and hassle from false alarms from your home alarm systems. As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help with your security system. Were here to help 24/7.


Mariette Lowe
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