Throughout the year there are always a certain amount of door knockers on island, but certainly as summer sets in so does an influx of door-to-door sales representatives.

Therefore it is no surprise that we have been receiving more and more phone calls from current Lifeline customers informing us that they have had sales representatives from other alarm companies knock on their doors – often times using very pushy and unethical tactics to gain entry into their homes and convince them to switch service. Unfortunately, the most common targets of these unethical tactics is our kupuna.

At Lifeline Fire & Security we take security very seriously and it is of the utmost importance to us that our valued customers are informed – not mislead – and never taken advantage of.

Tips for dealing with door knockers and possible scammers

Always verify and research the person on your doorstep

Don’t be scared to ask for identification. Research the company online, make use of platforms such as The Better Business Bureau (BBB), DCCA and YELP to investigate whether the person you are dealing with are in fact from a reputable company or not. Do they have a local office and staff to be able to service your system after it’s installed? What does their online reviews say about their service delivery?

Don’t be fooled and be cautious of anyone at your door saying things like:

  • They are affiliated to Lifeline Fire & Security and are at your home to upgrade your system.
  • They misrepresent that Lifeline is out of business and they are at your home to take over your security system.
  • They claim that their company have merged with Lifeline Fire & Security (or even that they are from Lifeline Fire & Security) and want to renew/takeover your alarm system. 


Lifeline will NEVER send a technician to your home to upgrade or service your alarm system without any prior set appointment! Never let a foreign company’s alarm representative tamper with your alarm system!

About Lifeline

Lifeline Fire & Security are proud to be a locally owned security company, with local staff giving you local service all year round. We are so grateful to all our loyal customers for your business – Mahalo! Should you have any questions or comments about this (or any other) topic, please do not hesitate to call our office in Kapolei on 808-548-5433. As always we are here to serve you and help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.


Mariette Lowe
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