There are times when something small packs a powerful punch—like the Dragon’s Breath Chili with a Scoville Scale rating of 2.4 million (so hot they say, that it may kill you). Even better, though, is the Skybell Video Doorbell. It’s small, but in the world of home security, it adds a wealth of protection and convenience.

If you are considering adding a video doorbell to your security system, here are some of the top advantages it will add to your life.

Sends an Alert

When a visitor presses the doorbell, it sends an immediate alert to your smartphone. This feature means you never miss family or friends, and are aware of unknown visitors on your property.

You Can Answer from Your Phone

With the selected app, you can answer the door right from your phone and able to see, hear, and speak to the visitor. This means you can answer from anywhere as if you were home, adding even more security.

It has a Motion Sensor

Even if the visitor does not press the doorbell, the motion sensor detects their presence and sends you an alert.

It Provides a Clear View, Day or Night

With Skybell Video Doorbell, you can see visitors in 1080p HD and 5x zoom with full color night vision.

Free Video Recording

When there has been suspicious activity your Skybell can capture and record it, and allow you to download it for later viewing.

You Can Take Snapshots

There are times when capturing a picture of a visitor would come in handy, like when there have been recent burglaries in the neighborhood. With Skybell, you can take a quick snapshot and save it for later.

You Can View the Activity History

You never have to wonder what actually goes on at home when you have the video doorbell. Just tap into the activity history to review the day’s events including missed visitors, answered video calls, and even suspicious activities triggered by the motion sensor.

It Provides Live Monitoring

Another huge advantage of the Skybell Video Doorbell is its live monitoring capability. Through the app on your smartphone, you can monitor your front door live, anytime, anywhere.

You Can Have Multiple Users

You never have to worry about missing an important visitor because you can have multiple users and multiple devices on each account.

You Can Control Interruptions

The “Quiet Mode” allows you to control interruptions by using your app to turn off the chime so you never disturb a sleeping baby or get distracted from work in the home office.

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