Many businesses use cargo or shipping containers as extra storage space on their site, and the advantages for doing so are clear. Unlike traditional storage buildings, cargo containers require little upfront investment, can be placed almost anywhere, and are ready immediately.



However, there are also security risks associated with using them for this purpose. 

  • Cargo containers are large and obscure your line of vision to other assets. 
  • Using shipping containers is an automatic indicator to thieves that you likely have large and expensive equipment or other easily sold items stored.
  • They are difficult to adequately secure.
  • Unlike a storage building which could have many purposes and therefore may be occupied, storage containers very obviously have one purpose so draw attention from even amateur thieves. 
  • Thieves may use shipping containers for cover to gain access to the rest of the property.


See PVM in action at a Community Pool!


Proactively Protecting Your Property

As You can see in this video, diligence is key to protecting your property. This unassuming biker wanted to get a closer look at what could be inside the storage units at this property. After some time to contemplate and monitor for any activity, he decided it was safe to climb the fence. Unfortunately for him, the property is protected by Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring. An Intervention Specialist offered a stern warning and that is all it took to get this intruder on the run! 

If you have a large or difficult to protect property, give us a call to learn more about Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring. With this service, you can cover more area more effectively and save over the cost of guards. (808) 548-5433

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