Upgrades are just a part of modern life; we upgrade our phones, our home décor, even our wardrobes, all in the pursuit of keeping up with the most updated amenities in life. Why would your home security system be any different? It shouldn’t be. Upgrading your home security system should happen several times over the life of the system, especially when new technology emerges and is adopted by the majority of users.

That’s the case with home automation, which is technology that utilizes the power of your smartphone to take your home security to the next level. It enables you to make your home a smart home. After all, people are smart, and at Lifeline we believe your home should be smart too.

Here are a few ways that Lifeline can help you incorporate home automation into your security system and make your home a smart home.

Make You Aware of Intrusion from Anywhere

Your security system is already designed to trigger an audible alarm when someone intrudes in the home. With Total Connect Remote Services, you can receive a mobile phone alert when it happens as well; after all, don’t you want to know if someone tries to break in your home while you’re at work? In this age of mobility and instantaneous action, the “old school” notification methods are quickly becoming outdated and there’s no reason to stay behind.

Support Your Parenting Goals

Raising your kids is your job, but your Lifeline Smart Security System can support your parenting efforts to make part of that job easier. Here are some ways it does this:

·         Sending you a notification when toddlers get too close to an area of the home that could be dangerous for them, such as the garage, storage room or pool area

·         Letting you know when teenagers venture into the liquor cabinet, jewelry cabinet, closet where gifts are being stored…any area you have made off limits

·         Sending you “unexpected event” notifications, which can tell you if a child sneaks out in the middle of the night or comes home while he or she is supposed to be in school

Provide Additional Peace of Mind

A smart security system can incorporate flood sensors that will send you a mobile alert when your system detects high water levels (flooding) – this can be a lifesaver and provide you incredible peace of mind and save you valuable $’s!

Know who is at your front door

An HD Video Doorbell is the latest buzz! Switch your doorbell to an HD video doorbell and know who is at your front door at all times. Get notifications on your smartphone when someone walks up to your door or rings your doorbell. Have the ability to see and speak to the person at your front door and incorporate this technology into your Lifeline Smart Security System and control it all from the same app on your smartphone.

Automate lights

Never arrive home to a dark house again. Add z-wave technology to your Lifeline Smart Security System and automate your lights. This will enable you to turn lights on and off with the tap of a button on an app on your phone.

Be there when you cannot

Have an elderly parent at home or kids on summer break, or maybe you have pets you like to check in on? Lifeline offers affordable video surveillance that enables you to be there when you cannot. Receive notifications and video clips to know what is going on in real-time.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Lifeline Fire & Security.

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Lifeline Fire & Security is an Authorized Honeywell Dealer and provides security integration solutions on Oahu as well as outer islands. The company is an active participant in many community outreach activities to help better the lives of our residents.

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