Aloha Kia is the premier Hawaii Kia dealer, offering a huge selection of new and used vehicles from which to choose. The company places a high priority on exceeding customer expectations and for this reason has expanded to include 7 locations throughout Hawaii, all with full lots of inventory.

Security Challenges

All auto dealerships share some common challenges, such as having a large easily accessible property with every area needing 24/7 security coverage and having all of its inventory out in the open and fairly easily accessible. Cars can be easily stolen and quickly transported to chop shops. Vandalism and loitering are also serious problems. Securing auto dealerships has always been challenging as the most appropriate security means having “eyes on” every part of the facility at all times, most especially when the business is closed. This most often means having multiple security guards on the premises at all times to cover as many areas as possible

The Problems with Traditional Security

Not every security solution is fit for every application, and many more traditional solutions fall short when it comes to protecting dealerships. Here are some of the common concerns.

  • It is nearly impossible to have visibility of the entire lot.
  • Most solutions passively deter crime.
  • Many provide valuable information after the fact, which shifts focus to identifying criminals and recovering losses.
  • Using the wrong solutions leads to overspending on security.
  • Traditional monitoring does not use intelligence to interpret data, leading to delay of response. 

Aloha Kia’s Solution

While crimes such as theft and vandalism cause dealerships to incur costs that Proactive Video Monitoring can help them avoid, Aloha Kia also felt that utilizing this powerful technology was part of a greater responsibility to the customer and community. Aloha Kia realizes that crime impacts always has a domino effect on the business, the customer, and the community. For them, it was not just about preventing theft and vandalism, it was also about preventing the resulting costly insurance claims which drive up costs and promoting a safe community for area residents. Because of this, they choose Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring to help protect their property.

Proactive Video Monitoring uses intelligent video analytics to monitor every aspect of the property, delivering actionable data to professional trained intervention specialists. Any actions falling outside of acceptable set parameters are immediately identified by sophisticated AI technology and delivered to live personnel who provide live call-down and information to law enforcement. Check out this real incident video from the Aloha Kia that shows how two unsuspecting intruders can’t escape getting caught!


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