Crime Doesn’t Have a Chance with Proactive Video Monitoring!

Since BMW Maui has deployed Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring, crime doesn’t even have a chance. When any unauthorized individual gets near the property, they are already on camera and trained intervention specialists are already watching and providing live audio warnings. 

This bike rider never had a chance to get into his backpack to get any tools readied to help steal cars or cause damage. The specialist was alerted to his presence and the intruder was alerted he needed to vacate the property immediately. Even the most skilled criminals won’t risk that level of security!

On-site Video

Check out the video! If you have questions about Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring, contact us today!


See it in action at BMW Maui below!


Why Choose Proactive Video Monitoring?

Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring is a powerful crime prevention solution that allows businesses to reduce costs while they increase the coverage area and effectiveness of their physical security. Want to learn more? Give Lifeline a call today! 808-548-5433

Mariette Lowe
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