Tagging. Some see it as an almost victimless crime. But it’s not. 

Graffiti can be the signature of gangs and gang members marking their territory. The behavior often incites rivals and invites even more criminal activity into the area. While rising gang activity can be the cause of much vandalism, it isn’t the only cause. Many others set on some malicious mischief often pick up spray-paint to damage local business properties in Hawaii. 

Graffiti Clean-up Costs the US Millions

The cost of graffiti eats up city budgets as well as the budgets of local businesses. In small communities, the cost to cities and businesses can run into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, and into hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger cities. If cities have a difficult time absorbing the cost, the problem is exacerbated for businesses where maintenance budgets, as well as profit margins, are tighter. 

When Will They Learn? You Can’t Beat Lifeline PVM.

Fortunately, the owner of one local vacant property recently targeted won’t have to foot the bill for graffiti clean-up thanks to Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring. Instead, they have some comical footage of the would-be taggers fleeing the scene!

The taggers stealthily scoped out the business and think it will make a great target. Meanwhile, their behavior triggers an alert. They take their time finding the very best place to hop the fence, all under the watchful eye of an intervention specialist. The intruders enter the property confidently expecting they could cause damage. They were wrong. The intervention specialist issues a warning which startles the intruders and sends them running. 


Sorry bad guys, you can’t win with Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring on duty. 

See PVM in action at a vacant RMR Group property in Mapunapuna!


Why Choose Proactive Video Monitoring?

Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring is a powerful crime prevention solution that allows businesses to reduce costs while they increase the coverage area and effectiveness of their physical security. Want to learn more? Give Lifeline a call today! 808-548-5433

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