Kapolei Business Park West (KPBW) is a modern and efficient master-planned 63-acre industrial park consisting of 27 lots currently under development. This, like all construction sites, is an expensive work area that is, unfortunately, very vulnerable to many types of problems. The tools, equipment, machinery, and materials on a  common construction site can be worth many thousands or even millions of dollars. Additionally, a site can be under construction for many weeks, months, or years, leaving all that valuable equipment, the site itself, and the property open to a host of potential disasters.

Avalon KPBW had experienced problems with construction theft and was looking for a more cost-effective and complete solution than 24/7 security guards knowing that a single security guard or even several full-time guards couldn’t effectively monitor a site this large.



Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring Solution

With no options for power or communications, Lifeline deployed two solar-powered mobile surveillance trailers and a combination of (both) visual and long-range thermal cameras using our Proactive Video Monitoring solution with talk-down to location. The solution effectively covers the property with 24/7 proactive monitoring for decreased costs and increased security. 


On-site Video

Check out this Avalon KPBW onsite capture of an intruder and the moment of intervention. Proactive Video Monitoring has them on the run!


See it in action at the Avalon Kapolei Business Park West below!


Why Choose Proactive Video Monitoring?

Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring is a powerful crime prevention solution that allows businesses to reduce costs while they increase the coverage area and effectiveness of their physical security. Want to learn more? Give Lifeline a call today! 808-548-5433

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