​Most people associate residential security companies in Hawaii with burglar and fire alarms. Burglaries and fires are the classic home emergencies, and a company like Lifeline Fire & Security provides comprehensive, around-the-clock protection from those threats. We live in the Information Age, however, and threats have expanded and new threats have emerged. The traditional approach to home security is no longer good enough, which is why companies like Lifeline have expanded the products and services offered to residential clients in Hawaii and throughout the country.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the Information Age threats that the modern Hawaii security service protects against. Identity theft is a scary topic that often seems like a threat out of a science fiction novel, but the truth is that most identity theft is rudimentary and happens due to mundane mistakes at home. For instance, unshredded personal documents thrown out with the trash is still the most common way that people get their identity stolen. Identity theft also happens because the average person does not fully appreciate the risk online and does not know how to protect their families from those threats.

Preventing Identity Theft

When it comes to identity theft, the most important security measures start at home and do not require an outside service. In order to protect your identity, you must be aware of it. You should avoid exposing social security numbers, credit card numbers and bank account information unless it is legally required. You should avoid sending and receiving sensitive data through the mail, which means picking up those new checks at the bank. You should shred every document that you discard, and if you live in area where burning is allowed, then burn those shredded documents for good measure.

Total Security

It is also important to monitor your credit history, which you should do manually at least twice a year. However, comprehensive identity theft protection means monitoring your credit history in real time. Such protection does require an outside service, and this is one of the most common high-tech services that modern security companies in Hawaii provide. The service can monitor credit histories, credit cards, debit cards and other financial options and alert you as soon as there is any suspicious behavior. The modern security company can also help protect you online with sophisticated software measures, including advanced firewalls, antivirus protection, spyware detection and security monitoring.

Lifeline Fire & Security

Lifeline Fire & Security is a modern Hawaii security service that can develop a custom solution to meet the needs of your family and home. Lifeline provides 24-hour monitoring via a central station, and it uses Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 system. Total Connect is an interactive, networked security solution that is able to send you notifications, and you can control remotely through a smartphone or other mobile device. Remote access includes video feeds from CCTV cameras and the power to arm/disarm the system, lock/unlock doors and windows, adjust lightning and adjust the thermostat. Lifeline’s security measures can also include identity theft protection and Internet security.

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