Your home and business deserve the very best security possible, including modern intrusion detection, fire detection and other advanced features. A central station should monitor that equipment around the clock year-round, and connection to the network should occur not by telephone but by 4G radio or by Wi-Fi with cellular connectivity as a backup.

Lifeline Fire & Security

Lifeline Fire & Security is one of the leading security companies in Hawaii, and it specializes in the type of systems outlined above. Lifeline is a Honeywell-authorized dealer and it has its own proprietary LIFELINK technology, which ensures the best possible security equipment in Hawaii. Lifeline also has an astounding record with both the Better Business Bureau and the Kapolei Chamber of Commerce.

Residential & Commercial Services

Lifeline Fire & Security also serves both residential and commercial clients, and no security assignment is too large or too small. What sets Lifeline apart from the competition is that they do not use preconfigured plans and instead develop a unique plan that meets the individual needs of the client and the residential or commercial space. In the following sections, we provide a brief overview of the security products available to both residential and commercial clients.

Burglar Alarms

In Hawaii, homes and businesses that do not have intrusion alarms are three times more likely to be targeted by criminals. Lifeline’s technician will assess your unique situation and develop the plan perfectly suited to that environment. In addition to motion detection and door and window contacts, Lifeline can integrate glass breakage detection, access control and surveillance.

Fire Alarms

Lifeline will achieve ideal fire protection for your space by helping you to attain optimal fire prevention and design comprehensive fire detection. In addition to smoke and fire alarms, Lifeline can integrate CO detection, watereless fire suppression, pull stations and fire extinguishers. The connection to the central station cannot be interrupted, so you can rest assured that if a fire occurs, emergency services will be on the way.

Medical Response Systems

A personal alert response system (PERS) is specialized security equipment in Hawaii that ensures that a person is only ever a touch away from emergency services. It is perfect for families that have an elderly or disabled person in the home, and it allows that person to have access to help even when they are home alone.


Lifeline’s close-circuit television (CCTV) systems use the most sophisticated camera technology available, and can include exterior cameras, interior cameras and hidden cameras. Lifeline can also install advanced recording and storage measures, including DVRs and NVRs.

Remote Video Monitoring

Lifeline is also one of the few security companies in Hawaii to offer a full range of remote video monitoring services. With traditional CCTV, the user was limited to the terminals configured to access the feeds. With a modern system, it is possible to access the feeds from any Web-enabled device, including smartphones and laptop computers. Such systems can even push the feed to your device of choice when an alarm is activated.

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