Since 2002, residents of Hawaii have chosen Lifeline Fire and Security for all home their security needs. This is a choice that Lifeline takes very seriously. Their customers are valued and appreciated, and Lifeline is completely devoted to providing the best Hawaii home security possible.

Honeywell Makes Peace of Mind Possible

Lifeline is proud to be partnered with Honeywell in HI, bringing the best Honeywell technology to Hawaii residents – including the Honeywell Total Connect home security system. Total Connect is different from any other system on the market. Customers can stay informed and connected with everyone and everything important to them in and around their home, any time of the day or night.

By simply having a smart phone, laptop computer, tablet or other mobile device tuned in to the Total Connect system, Lifeline’s customers enjoy being able to see video and receive alerts. Whenever there is an activity a customer is interested in, they can receive an alert letting them know when it is happening.

Knowledge Brings a Feeling Of Peace

With Honeywell Total Connect, parents can see when children get home from school, or whether they have gotten home by a prearranged time. It is also possible to keep an eye on elderly family members who spend a few hours on their own every day. If there ever is an emergency, however, it is nice to be able to receive an alert. If the older person falls and activates a button on an emergency pendant, you will be instantly notified.

It’s also possible to know for certain when a cabinet has been entered, like a liquor cabinet or a gun cabinet, and to know when a security system is disarmed. An alert can be sent if the temperature in the home becomes too hot or if there is flooding. It brings peace of mind knowing that the home is secure even when you can’t be there.

Keep A Watchful Eye On Pets And Children

Even pets can be monitored with Honeywell Total Connect. Ever wonder what they do all day while you are at work? Now you don’t have to wonder any more! Know exactly if that rambunctious puppy is chewing something he shouldn’t be or if an older pet is happy, healthy and content. Watch that kitten bathing in the sunshine and feel great knowing that you virtually have an extra pair of eyes watching attentively over the littlest family members.

Rest assured knowing that you can watch how well a nanny or caregiver is interacting with children simply by following a live video feed from the home. This kind of portability and instant knowledge is priceless when it comes to protecting the people and things dearest to you. The newest systems from Honeywell in HI make this all possible.

Enjoy a Level of Hawaii Home Security Not Possible Until Now

Choose the most trusted Hawaii home security company, Lifeline Fire and Security, for the best home monitoring system on the market today. Lifeline is proud to be a Honeywell Authorized Security Dealer. Choose the level of monitoring you’d like to have for your home, the types of alerts you want to receive, and the video you’d like to be able to see. The choices are entirely up to you in the most personalized home security system available.

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