Enjoying the season of giving is what the winter holidays are all about. However, because thieves know that homes during the holidays are filled with gifts, it should also be a time of vigilance. Take these precautions to ensure that your home is protected from a holiday break-in this winter.

Lock Up

Always close and lock the doors and windows of your home if you’re leaving, even if just for a short trip. The garage door is also a popular entrance point for thieves, so keep it closed even when you’re home. Don’t forget to lock the door to the garage to safeguard you in the event that thieves gain access to the garage. Be sure to never leave a spare key outside the house—thieves know where to find them. Also, consider installing a z-wave keyless door lock. This way you will never have to worry about leaving keys for a family member, friend or pet sitter again.

Always Make it Look Like Someone is Home

Automate your lights in and around your home and put them on a schedule (using your Total Connect App) to come on at certain times, for example at sunset. This will serve as an excellent deterrent whether you are away from home for a brief period of time or out of town on vacation. If you leave town, have the mail and newspaper picked up by a neighbor or request to have it stopped. You may even want to hire a house sitter for extra protection.

Store Valuables in a Safe

Jewelry and other small objects of great value should be kept inside of a safe. If you don’t want to have a safe inside of the home, use your bank’s safety deposit box to keep items you don’t regularly need.

Invest in a HD Video Doorbell

Keep an eye on who is at your front door and get notified even when someone simply walks up to your front door. This will also give you peace of mind knowing that your online deliveries are safe from porch pirates until you get home and there is no unwanted visitors at your home while you are away.  

Arm Away/Stay

Always remember to arm your system while you are away from home and when you go to bed in the evening. Nothing will deter a thief like a professionally installed security system so make sure you fully utilize your system especially during this festive season.

About Lifeline Fire & Security

Since 2002, the local team at Lifeline Fire & Security has been helping the residents of Hawaii stay safe during the holidays and all year round with professionally designed and installed Security, CCTV and Access Control systems for homes and businesses. Security has evolved a great deal since Lifeline opened its doors in 2002, so contact us today should you have any questions about adding to, or upgrading your security – we would love to help you make your home and business a smart, safe and convenient place to be in 2018.

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