Video surveillance and Monitoring solutions in Hawaii. Lifeline Hawaii Proactive Video Monitoring protecting Dominoes warehouse from thieves.


With large volumes of product in one location, warehouses in Hawaii are huge targets for theft and other crimes, making warehouse security a major concern. In mere minutes, thieves can steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and inventory, cause untold damages, and even contaminate products, putting consumers at risk. Damages however, are not just limited to monetary and physical— criminal activities can also severely damage an organization’s reputation resulting in long-term losses. 

Warehouses Need 24/7 Security

There are many options in physical security including security guards, intrusion detection, and video surveillance, monitoring, and more.  Video surveillance is one of the most popular and effective solutions in providing constant and active security to manage the many risks, but many warehouses encounter barriers in achieving the necessary 24/7 coverage. 

In some cases, traditional video surveillance and monitoring solutions:

  • Can be cost-prohibitive in many instances
  • Result in “after the incident” information rather than intervention
  • Require guards for immediate intervention

Proactive is Better than Reactive

To protect it’s warehouse most effectively and cost-efficiently, Dominoes chose Lifeline’s Proactive Video Monitoring. The commercial video monitoring solution provides 24/7 monitoring and uses sophisticated analytics and active intervention to prevent crime before it happens. 

For more information about physical security solutions for warehouses, including Proactive Video Monitoring, call Lifeline today! 808-548-5433

Mariette Lowe
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