Risk Management for Hawaii Auto Dealers

Auto dealerships face some unique security challenges. Their stock is highly desirable and their inventory can’t be easily locked-up and stored away from criminals. Every night, employees go home but valuable inventory is left in the open and exposed to the potential for theft. According to recent FBI statistics, car theft is on the rise, a reversal of a trend that saw lower vehicle theft over several years.


Today’s Auto Theft is Big Business

Today’s auto theft is a far cry from joy rides or petty larceny. It’s big business with a sophisticated network of thieves, mechanics, resellers, and chop shops working in concert. Vehicles are often either loaded onto container ships for international sale or disassembled and sold as parts, making them very difficult to track. The parts can be sold at close to their legitimate retail values, making chop shops an especially profitable venue for criminals.


Stopping Vandals And Thieves in Their Tracks

Every auto dealership uses some form of modern security system technology which usually includes access control and video surveillance. Traditional video surveillance and monitoring allows management and authorized staff to check video feeds from anywhere, as well as receive mobile alerts if something unexpected happens and triggers an alarm. Today, however, there is an even more valuable alternative. Proactive Video Monitoring helps prevent crime before it even happens. 

Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring is a powerful crime prevention solution that allows businesses to reduce costs while they increase the coverage area and effectiveness of their physical security. It features intelligent video analytics for both intrusion and anti-loitering events and live audio warnings for immediate intervention.


Proactive Video Monitoring in Action at a Local BMW Dealership

One of the most important elements in auto dealership security is prevention. Even one person can cause substantial damage when the dealership is closed for the night. In this video clip, a live interventionist issues a stern warning that sends a skateboarder on their way, preventing any possible problems.



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