There are many choices in commercial video surveillance solutions, but only one video surveillance monitoring solution that uses proprietary technology leveraging customized protocols to detect crime and provide live response intervention before the crime even happens. That’s Proactive Video Monitoring. Lifeline Fire and Security, HI is proudly the only company serving the islands with this powerful new video monitoring service. Proactive video monitoring differs from traditional monitoring in that rather than providing information about an alarm after the fact, Proactive Video Monitoring uses the latest data-driven technologies to detect suspicious behavior– and intervene before crime happens.

Why is it Such an Advantage to Businesses?

Proactive Video Monitoring combines video surveillance, advanced analytics, and live

proactive monitoring and security intervention into one powerful solution. It can cover your entire facility at once, never sleeps, and never misses a beat. Proactive Video Monitoring eliminates many of the problems associated with other solutions, such as the cost and limitations of live guards. This is especially helpful to businesses that rely on these services to protect their inventory after business hours. 


Proactive Video Monitoring Features include:

24/7 continuous intelligent monitoring

Real-time detection and intervention

High-quality footage

Fast response times

Live audio warnings

Preventative response

No false alarms

Customized customer protocols

Proprietary CRM to build and manage locations


It Offers Huge Advantages

Replace the cost and inefficiencies of guards

Increase the area being actively monitored

Reduce the hassle and expense of nuisance alarms

Significantly improve safety and security

Reduce the cost of recovering from crimes such as vandalism

Increase situational awareness


Don’t react to crime. Prevent it with Proactive Video Monitoring. Call Lifeline today to learn how you can increase the effectiveness of your commercial security while reducing costs. (808) 468-5526

Mariette Lowe
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