You might wonder what it is about electronic smart locks that make them so much better than traditional locks. Traditional pin and tumbler mechanism locks have been around for centuries and have been a staple of home security. The purpose is, of course, to restrict access, for better security and to ensure one’s privacy. The drawback of these locks is that if you are someone intending to commit a crime, gaining entry isn’t all that difficult. In addition to the problem of forgetting to lock the doors in the first place, burglars have many ways to bypass traditional locks, including the technology to easily replicate keys even without a physical key as a copy and now ways to get in are rampant. This is one reason why smart locks are dominating the home technology market.

Research has predicted that by 2019 the worldwide market for smart locks alone will reach an astounding $3.5 billion. What makes them so valuable? Here are just a few of the many ways smart locks are revolutionizing the industry.

Smart Locks Can Be Locked from Anywhere

The single most popular way for a burglar to enter a home is to simply walk through an unlocked door. This is because forgetting to lock the doors is the most common security failure for residents. Smart locks eliminate this problem by permitting the owner to access the locks remotely via their smartphones. In addition, their systems can also use geofencing to detect your proximity and lock automatically when you leave. Now you can forget forgetting.

Users Can Authorize Access

With smart locks, you can authorize access using unique codes and give each code an expiry date. While the kids might need a code with no expiration, a visiting friend or relative might need one for a week, while a service provider might need one for only a day.

You Do Not Risk Safety with Extra Keys

Smart locks eliminate the need for giving out keys, or hiding keys on your property and so eliminate the possibility of those keys falling into the wrong hands.

Smart Locks enhance Security and Provide Peace of Mind

Another one of the huge advantages is that smart locks increase your awareness through alerts. By using unique codes, you can know who gets home when, or know if there is reason for concern.

Smart Locks are—SMART

Smart locks can do much more than be locked and unlocked. As mentioned, they can also use geofencing to detect you are near and trigger other connected devices to perform acts such as adjust air conditioning, turn on the lights, or have start your playlist on.  It is like having a butler in a button.

At Lifeline Fire & Security, we believe Smart Locks gives you added security and convenience. Lifeline offers custom security solutions to fit your life and your budget. Call us today for more information about smart locks and other home automation and security technologies.

Mariette Lowe
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