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Archive for January 2014

Fire Safety for Elderly Family Members

Safety is a topic that’s important for people of all ages, but senior citizens are at an increased risk of injury or death from fire. Creating a safe environment for seniors who live at home with an updated monitoring alarm system and a regularly practiced evacuation plan may save the life of a beloved grandparent,…

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6 Not-So-Obvious Places to Hide Valuables in the Home

 Ready. Set. Steal. Though burglary is no child’s game, thieves are racing against the clock when they enter your home. Even with the best house security systems, burglars know the security guard or police must arrive on the premises to stop them. Because the clock is ticking, thieves have two goals in mind: easy theft…

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Security Threats for Businesses

Companies have enough to deal with these days with a volatile economy and a competitive marketplace without having to worry about security. Ensuring total safety of employees and company property requires a focus on several different elements of business security. Hackers, employees, and thieves are each a potential threat to the average company today. A…

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