Loitering is when a person lingers around a commercial property or business, whether standing, sitting, or lying, without permission or intent to patronize the business. Loitering hurts every business, but it poses additional problems for financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. 

Why is Loitering Such a Concern for Financial Institutions? 

Financial institutions need to be very diligent about loitering for the protection of their patrons. Here’s why.


  • Camping on commercial property is unsanitary and can endanger the health of the one loitering and customers. 
  • It leads to increased crimes such as fighting, drugs, and human trafficking. 
  • Loitering can deter customers from utilizing the bank or services such as accessing ATMs. 
  • Loitering leads to increased trash around the property, increasing sanitation problems and clean-up costs.
  • Loitering leads to the storing of property, which can pose a safety hazard to customers. 
  • Having extra people hanging around makes it difficult to manage everyone or spot problematic behaviors. 

How to Prevent Loitering at Banks and Credit Unions

This video of an actual event at a local credit union demonstrates how Lifeline’s Proactive Video Monitoring solves the problem of loitering immediately, simply, and without incident.


About PVM

Lifeline Proactive Video Monitoring is a powerful crime prevention solution that allows businesses to reduce costs while increasing their physical security coverage area and effectiveness.

  • Deter criminal activity before it happens
  • Zero false alarms
  • A full-color incident report for every security event
  • Intelligent video analytics for both intrusion and anti-loitering events
  • 50-75% cost savings over physical security guards
  • Personalized app for complete system control that includes flexible zoning & visitor pass functionality
  • Increase the area being actively monitored


For more information about Lifeline and how we can help protect your business while decreasing the cost of security, call us at (808) 548-5433

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