No light? No Problem at a 22-acre property in James Campbell Industrial Park

In using video surveillance technologies to help to secure their outdoor areas, many properties face the challenges of low-light or no light at all. That was the challenge at a vacated concrete batch plant in James Campbell Industrial Park. With absolutely no lighting on the property, the effectiveness of most video surveillance technologies are seriously hindered if not rendered useless.


Introducing Night Color Technology Combined with Proactive Video Monitoring 

Fortunately, there is a solution for these challenging environments, Night Color Technology, combined with Proactive Video Monitoring. As you can see, the result is dramatic. This is the same exact camera location and roughly the same time between 1:00 am-2:00 am.

Night Color Technology uses a high-performance sensor with a larger lens aperture. It reflects existing ambient light so you can see full-color images down to .00022 lux- almost no light. The sensor uses optical features to balance light throughout the scene and improve the clarity of the image. Low-light cameras also utilize Smart Image Signal Processing (ISP) which converts an image into digital form while performing operations that enhance the image and extract useful information. It lets the camera identify and correct imperfections caused by the lens, color filter, or sensor.


See PVM in action at James Campbell Industrial Park!


Why Lifeline Hawaii?

Lifeline Hawaii is dedicated to providing results driven security solutions on Oahu and throughout the Hawaiian islands. Lifeline Fire and Security is proudly the only company serving the islands with a powerful new video monitoring service, Proactive Video Monitoring. Rather than providing information about an alarm after the fact, Proactive Video Monitoring uses the latest analytic technologies to detect and identify suspicious behavior before crime happens. 

Check out the video! If you have a low-light environment that needs to be secured, call Lifeline Hawaii today to learn more about Proactive Video Monitoring paired with Night Color technology, contact us today!

Mariette Lowe
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